April 12, 2014 | Shed Stuff


I’ve been watching a home renovation show that has me itching to give the old shed a makeover. My budget for the project is $0, so I’m starting with a picture (actually is HDR, so pictures) and I’m going to play around with color ideas in photoshop. What?!?! This is my idea of fun.

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April 11, 2014 | New Curtains

20140411_studio curtains_104413

Check out the “gold” curtains. When they were hung 25 years ago, they were black. Yesterday we took them down…

20140411_studio curtains_115354

…and replaced them with new curtains.

20140411_studio curtains_150008

My favorite part of this job was that the “new” curtains were not new at all, just a repurposing of a different set of curtains that were not being used anymore. The whole project was completed for the cost of a few packs of zip ties and a day of labor.

Did we make a time-lapse? Heck yeah we made a time-lapse. Maybe one day I’ll get to show you.

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