A Lumen Book

20131107_lumen book_

I’ve mentioned the lumen book here and there over the past few months. My classmates and I are getting to the final stages of self-publishing our collection, which will be for sale soon. Proceeds from the sale of our book benefit students at Randolph Community College.  We are the third class to create a book of lumens and with just four of us, the smallest class to do so.

It’s easy to create a lumen, if you have the right materials. You can think of it as a photo because that’s what it is. An image created with light on a photographically sensitive material. Plant materials work best.

Here’s a photo I took while making a lumen one afternoon a few weeks ago. Grass + photo paper + UV light rays = LUMEN.

20131020_lumen book_8054

Once created, the lumen can be scanned and stored in a dark box. Take the digital file into photoshop and play around a little to get a look that I like. Or in my case, play around a lot. Here’s the grass after being quiltified in photoshop:

20131031_lumen book_04

Many of my final lumens were created to be quilt-like, and they are completely different from the ones my classmates created. I’ve loved seeing each person’s lumens because we each approach the process in a unique way.  The book is going to be amazing and you’re going to love it. I’ll let you know when and where you can buy it when it’s ready.

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