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Shooting Baseball

asheboro copperheads baseballOne of our major projects for the summer semester is the baseball project. We have six weeks to capture a variety of action shots, a picture of the pitcher, and an Americana shot. I’ve been to two games so far and it is both really hard and super fun. We are lucky as students to 1) have access to super big 300mm 2.8 lenses and 2) be allowed to attend the Asheboro Copperhead’s games for free!

baseball asheboro

_DSC5063-1Here are two of my classmates working really, really hard to capture peak baseball action with me at the two games.


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This is me.

Mandy Powers Photography

My classmate took this picture as part of our final Portrait Lighting project last semester. Not a self portrait, but a rare picture of myself that I like. Naturally, I posted it as my pic in all my social media places, everywhere.

Like many photographers I like life better from behind the camera.


Today’s lab project was a self portrait using a tripod and the self-timer feature on our cameras. Although I did spend a fair amount of time behind the camera today, I spent an equal amount of time running into the frame before the timer went off in order to make it into the picture. My legs are tired.

_DSC4428I think these two self portraits I took today are kooky and hilar. I kinda like them!

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A Sharp Face

Yesterday’s assignment was to shoot a sharp (in focus) face.

A Sharp Face

I learned that my camera was having trouble focusing, which made for a frustrating day. BUT! I learned a lot about my camera, and despite focus issues,  I like the portraits I got of my classmate.

This blog is where I will be documenting some of the projects that I will be working on this summer. It is part of my assignment for a digital imaging class, but should also be a fun record of this crazy summer semester.

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