tamomat(click for bigness)

It’s hard to explain exactly what you see in this picture here. This set of prints was created for my “Pos/Neg” assignment in my Custom Color Printing class. I used transparency film to create a paper negative (on the left) in order to make a positive print (on the right). What you see above is a digital picture that I took of my two prints, which were mounted side by side.

See? It exists in real life, on paper, that you can hold. It is not just pixels.


So you start with a transparency. You know, like the slides your grandparents have. Usually you don’t use transparency film to make a print, but when you’re looking to have a little fun in the color dark room that’s exactly what you do. The result is the print on the left – the colors are backwards. In other words, I used my positive film to make a paper negative. The next step is to use the paper negative to make a positive print. See, even when I try to explain it clearly it just gets all mumble jumbly.

Nonetheless, the results are freaking cool. I’ve seen a bunch of my classmates’ projects and each one is totally unique and awesome.

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