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As I put together my final portfolio for Large Format, it was very important to me that the pictures looked unified even if the subject matter was disparate. I achieved this by mounting each ink jet print on a 12″ tall board with a 1/4″ border around three sides. The width of each board was dependent on each individual picture (although they appear to be the same width below, in real life they were the same height). I liked the results so much that I recreated my presentation in Photoshop, even down to the color of each board that I used. I also added a custom watermark that I learned how to make in class just this morning!

large format scan mount-1

large format scan mount-2

large format scan mount-3

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I Make Videos

Fang: Asheboro Copperheads Mascot from Mandy Powers on Vimeo.

These days photographers need to be well versed in more than just photography, which is why I ended up with more gear than I could carry at the ballpark on Saturday night. I had my camera, three lenses, two flashes, a light stand, an umbrella, my tripod, a large fill card, two super clamps, a sound recorder and a wireless microphone. What I really needed was an assistant, but I digress.

I was at McCrary Park in Asheboro to tell the story of Fang, the Copperhead’s mascot, for my final project in Small Format. I needed still pictures, ambient sound, and an interview with my subject to put together the video. As I have found over and over this semester, people are so willing to help me with projects, and the Copperheads are no exception!

After gathering the sound and images on Saturday, I spent Sunday putting my video together. It’s no masterpiece, but I really enjoyed the process and I can’t wait to make more videos! Below are some of my favorite pictures from Saturday.

final project fang-0021

final project fang-0066

final project fang-0151

final project fang-0343

Many thanks to Dakota Patterson, Fang himself, for being such a willing subject.

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yellow yarrow-1Click the picture for bigness.

This is my favorite picture form this semester, and is making me wish I could shoot with a large format camera all the time. I set this still life up at home over the weekend. I don’t have a studio (what is a studio anyway, but a room, amirite?) so I set this up on my kitchen table with a piece of mat board as my background. I was using daylight balanced transparency film so it is illuminated with daylight from the window. The exposure on the left was for 30 seconds, so no one was allowed to walk through the kitchen while I was making that frame. I scanned the film, created the diptych in photoshop, printed on ink jet paper, and mounted it for my large format portfolio! BOOM.

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Natty Greene’s

natty greenes-1

The objective of the industry assignment is to put you in a challenging shooting environment. Don’t I know it. I went back to Natty Greene’s Brewing Company in Greensboro, NC three times until I got pictures I was proud of. The folks at Natty Greene’s were ¬†happy to have me, and so kind to let me set up and take pictures around them as they worked.

natty greenes-2

The day I visited they were just finishing up bottling their seasonal¬†Freedom IPA. You should try it. Natty’s beers are delicious.

natty greenes-3

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Mandy Powers Photography


Sometimes everything comes together. Timing + light + composition + fulfilling the requirements for the assignment = my submission for last week’s Weekly. The goal for the photo was “good bokeh“. It was July 4th and I noticed that the sun was out that evening so I rushed Maggie outside with some watermelon. I made her turn toward the light and tilt her head up so to get the catch lights in her eyes. She was only interested in one thing and it wasn’t me, so I let her enjoy her snack. My goal was to get 1) her eyes sharp and 2) nice bokeh in the background. Score!

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Baseball is Finished


Baseball, one of the major assignments for Small Format, is due today. I attended 11 games over more than a month! That’s hundreds upon hundreds of baseball pictures, all in search of peak action. At one point during the weeks leading up to this due date, our teacher said that when there are no base runners he will focus his lens on the batter. And with that little piece of advice I was able to capture this intimate moment between the catcher and the unsuspecting batter. I didn’t submit this for my assignment, but I did print a copy for my teacher at his request.


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Up next in Product Lighting 101 is Fabric!

mandy is fabric_3339Pretty much I am in photography school because of my fabric-related business. I’ve taken a lot of fabric pictures for my knitting design business, but taking a picture of just fabric – not a garment – was a fun challenge!

I tried many different things with this cotton that came from the “utility fabrics” section at Joann Fabrics.

mandy fab_3084By far the clothesline idea was my least favorite setup. I always go into the studio with a Grand Plan and it always falls to pieces. I’m learning to go with the flow. Things improved the next day when I was able to use a fancy macro lens.

mandy is fabric_3323I got close. I use some side-light action to show the texture. I used the lines to design the frame. Overall, this was a really fun project, given the fabric-phile that I am!





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