Brown Eggs

spring 2013 port eggs3

As part of the shift from film to digital at school, we learned how to use the film scanners. Although you can get a relatively good scanner for cheap, the ones we have at school are top of the line. I’m going to try to do as much scanning as I can while I’m here because the results are really amazing!

The image above is a scan of a black and white negative that I used in my spring semester portfolio and is maybe one of my favorite pictures I’ve taken. It is a studio shot using the large format camera and 4×5″ film. I love the print I made with the negative (it’s hanging up at home!), but now I have this digital copy to work with now and long into the future.

The next assignment in Custom Color Printing is to create an ink jet print from a scanned (quality) negative. I’m not sure any form of printing will be more exciting than black and white printing in the darkroom, but I am absolutely sure I’d rather touch this up in Photoshop than with spotting dyes and a paintbrush.

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5 thoughts on “Brown Eggs

  1. Paige says:

    I really like this shot, too! It sounds like you’re still enjoying all of the work you’re doing!

  2. Kathleen says:


  3. raoleary says:

    Gurrrrrl. This photo is killer.

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