yellow yarrow-1Click the picture for bigness.

This is my favorite picture form this semester, and is making me wish I could shoot with a large format camera all the time. I set this still life up at home over the weekend. I don’t have a studio (what is a studio anyway, but a room, amirite?) so I set this up on my kitchen table with a piece of mat board as my background. I was using daylight balanced transparency film so it is illuminated with daylight from the window. The exposure on the left was for 30 seconds, so no one was allowed to walk through the kitchen while I was making that frame. I scanned the film, created the diptych in photoshop, printed on ink jet paper, and mounted it for my large format portfolio! BOOM.

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3 thoughts on “Yarrow

  1. lindseyawarren says:

    I love this! You’re just the best at taking something so simple and making it really beautiful.

  2. raoleary says:

    Gurl. Stop. This is so beautiful!

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