August 22, 2013 | Photo of the Day

20130822_PAD _3323

I couldn’t sleep this morning. My kids have been at the beach with their grandma and today was the day they’d come home. I was awake before 5 am thinking about how to take advantage of this last bit of time before they were back with me. I wasn’t trying to be awake that early, but alas there I was. Instead of tossing and turning for an hour I got up and headed out early, down the road to Asheboro.  I arrived at the downtown farmer’s market around 7:15 before all but a few of the earliest of early bird shoppers, just as the farmers were getting their goods on display. Everything sold at this market is grown by the farmer selling it, and it all looked amazingly delicious. On top of that, these must be some of the friendliest of farmers in North Carolina. It was a great way to start my day.

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2 thoughts on “August 22, 2013 | Photo of the Day

  1. Susan says:

    North Carolina is just a downright friendly place! We were there in June to visit my in-laws (who all live in Winston-Salem, though we went to a beach near Southport) and you just couldn’t help but notice it.

  2. waynettearaj says:

    Reblogged this on Waynette Hoover Araj and commented:
    The downtown Asheboro Farmer’s Market is one of my favorite places in town. I’ll miss it when winter comes!

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