September 2, 2013 | Photo of the Day

20130902_henry miller_3523

Henry Miller of Mount Airy, NC spends the morning in his garden plot at Bethabera Park in Winston-Salem on September 2, 2013.

This morning we headed to the junk yard. See, the driver’s side window on my car went down on Saturday but wouldn’t go back up. This is why we had such big storms this weekend, in case you were wondering. But I digress. Gerald discovered the junkyard a while back and he’s fixed little things on the car ever since. The combination of Gerald plus a junkyard plus youtube has saved us hundreds of dollars on our car.

ANYWAY. I was going to try to shoot a panoramic photo at the junkyard, but that didn’t work out. Instead we headed toward downtown Winston, but instead decided to stop at Bethabera Park, which is where we met Henry. He has a garden plot there and gave us a wonderful tour of the community garden. He and Gerald were kindred spirits, for sure.

I don’t know if Henry loved having his picture taken, but he was such a great subject that I couldn’t choose just one for today’s Photo of the Day.

20130902_henry miller_3501

20130902_henry miller_3505

20130902_henry miller_3410


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7 thoughts on “September 2, 2013 | Photo of the Day

  1. Ellen Kutcher says:

    Beautiful photos. Henry is a treasure–so happy he gave you a garden tour.

    Ellen Kutcher
    Historic Bethabara Park

  2. Dick Ayscue says:

    Great pictures of Henry and really shows your professional in your field; If you have this in your archives–Our State magazine had a great article and pictures of the Bethabara garden in their September 2012 issue.
    One of Henry’s many friends, Dick Ayscue..

  3. Sheila G. Brown says:

    Wonderful photography of a wonderful fellow. I know because I am his neice!
    Sheila Brown

  4. Gayle G Norman says:

    Loved seeing the photos of a dear old friend and co worker from North Surry High School. Please let us know if he makes The State magazine. Great photography, great subject!
    Gayle G Norman

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