Apples and Stop-Motion

Randolph Community College – The Darkroom from Mandy Powers on Vimeo.

Digital Imaging class often leaves me (and from what I can tell, the rest of my classmates) completely drained. I have a feeling we’re getting better at Photoshop, but it involves a lot of hours staring at a computer.

Yesterday’s class was different, somehow. We were given an assignment to create a stop-motion video and it was due by the end of class. Less than four hours! By the end of the lab we were all gathering around watching each others videos and there was lots of oohing and ahhing and laughing. With such a tight deadline, perfection was elusive. But it was, indeed, great fun. We’ll have another stop-motion assignment with more time to plan and execute the idea.

Another digital assignment is the panorama. I spent a lot of time shooting landscape images for this assignment. I finally realized that although I enjoy looking at landscapes, I could not be less interested in shooting them myself. Last night I got some apples, went to the studio, and created a panorama that I really, really love. Like a lot.

20130919_big apples_the final apple pano by mandy copy

The apples are clickable for bigness, but even then it’s only a fraction of its true size. The print I made of this image includes 12 images stitched together in Photoshop and is over 4 feet long.

The first half of this first semester is rapidly coming to a close, and with it, lots and lots of deadlines are looming nearer and nearer. It’s going to be a mad dash to the finish!


2 thoughts on “Apples and Stop-Motion

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