September 24, 2013 | Photo of the Day

20130924_big johns hot dogs_9876

Big John’s Hot Dogs | Fairfield Rd & 62 | Archdale, NC

Yeah, I got a hot dog, and it was good. I don’t know what implored me to buy one, but it hit the spot. I got mustard, onions, slaw and hot sauce. Who knows why I chose that particular combination of toppings; normally I’m a ketchup and mustard girl. It was really good, though.

Our teacher is always talking about how layers in a photo help make it more interesting. The more I think of that when I look at pictures, the more I notice how true it is. A guy standing under a tent selling hot dogs (i.e. the rest of my pictures from the hot dog stand) is not inherently an interesting picture and not layered at all. When Big John walked over to his truck to get me his card, I immediately noticed his reflection in the rear view and I knew I had a better picture. I wish I would have worked it a little more, maybe getting him handing me the hot dog.  It was hard, though, because I really just wanted to eat the hot dog.


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