October 1, 2013 | The Rules Have Changed


r e f l e c t i o n   |   o c t o b e r  1

Yesterday I went out to find my photo of the day – late in the evening after we cleaned up dinner, just as the light was getting ready to set.  I was headed to the bus stop near my house. Across the street from the bus stop is a sketchy gas station and as I drove up there was a lot of action so I pulled in there instead.  I found my spot, waited for some people, snapped my picture and came home.

I thought about the project on the short way home. It’s hard to find a picture every day. Sometimes stars align and you find a picture you like. Sometimes there is little inspiration and nothing is going on and you are disappointed in yourself for not working harder. Good days, bad days. I thought yesterday that maybe I’m getting the hang of it. I had this peaceful feeling that if you keep at something, even if you’re not crazy excited about it every day, you still improve.

Before I had gone to find the picture last night, Gerald asked me with the faintest bit of exasperation, “How much longer do you have to do this?” Over these past six weeks he’d often come home from work and I’d be moaning about having to go out and find a picture. I’ve been a real joy to live with, let me tell you. Even if I had a picture early in the day or had a plan for one, the photo of the day has been discussed ad nauseum.

“Just two weeks,” I told him.

Today in class, with very little fanfare, we were informed that we no longer have to post a picture every day on our blogs. I texted Gerald immediately and also told him that I wasn’t joking. I won’t be posting photos of the day that will be graded and that need to adhere to the guidelines given by my teacher.

But I don’t think I need to give up altogether on the project. I’ve taken a handful of pictures that I really love and it was only because I was out there pushing myself, doing something outside of my usual comfort zone. If I keep at it, there will be pictures of familiar faces (Jerry, Maggie) and there will be pictures with no people at all (you’ll meet the cat), both things that weren’t really allowed when I was being graded. And maybe there will be days with no pictures, and I’m okay with that.

The rules have changed. Photo of the Day, Part Two.

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