October 2, 2013 | Practice

20131002_jer trumpet_8207

Jerry started reading music this week. From today’s practice session I could tell he wasn’t exactly getting it, but he sure was having a ball thinking he was reading music. Usually he practices in his room (with the door closed) but he had a mini-concert to play the song for us.

While he practiced his trumpet I pulled out my flash to practice, too. You can see I wasn’t exactly getting it, but I sure had a ball playing around without an assignment to think about (for the moment). I usually use natural light for pictures around the house but I had a mini photo session with off-camera flash to use for today’s photo of the day.

port comp jerry for blog-2

This is in the same room a few weeks ago with a more elaborate light setup. Jerry doesn’t love being my model but he smiles when I ask him to smile and broods when I ask for that. He is amazing at it, really.

Earlier that day I was in a parking garage and created this HDR image using 7 or 8 different exposures.

port comp jerry for blog-1

Later I merged both images to create a composite portrait. I’m loving the result, mostly because it reminds me that this photo shoot resulted in the mouthpiece getting stuck on the trumpet which I’ll have you know is a $10 repair!


Brooding Jerry in a Parking Garage Holding a Trumpet

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