October 8, 2013 | Two Reasons

20131008_polaroid pics_9340

Sitting in the computer lab at school, having stared at the screen for the better part of the day, it finally occurred to me that I could stay and stare more at the screen or leave before these cats were asleep. Saved my work, packed up, hit the road. Two best reasons to come home ever.

During my time on campus I have been working in photoshop a lot. I mean A LOT. The final project for my Digital Imaging class was a composite that needed to include at least six separate elements. As with my apple panorama, I struggled with coming up with my plan. After one major false start, I finally decided to create a book cover. For a book about me or by me? I don’t know. It’s just my book, that’s all.

20131005_composite final_

clickable – extreme close up

I’m learning that jumping into a project with only a vague idea of the end point doesn’t work for me. When it finally hit me to do a book cover, this is exactly what it looked like in my head, with the exception of a few elements that I photographed but didn’t end up in the final image. I literally sketched this out with pencil on paper and somehow that made the execution of the idea easier for me. Someone remind me next time, mkay? Before I start wandering aimlessly with my camera? Thanks.

So this started with my photo of the day and ended with my final project for Digital Imaging. Two reasons for my blog post? Just go with it.


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