October 9, 2013 | Tooth

20131009_marge tooth_

It was two weeks ago that I pulled Maggie’s tooth out. It took a lot for her to work up the nerve, but she let me tug, it came out and she got a milkshake for her troubles.  Now the neighbor tooth is loose and when she wiggles it I swear it looks like it’s hanging by a thread. Tonight she found the courage, grabbed her Dad’s hand for moral support and I had a go. Nope. As loose as it seems, it’s still stuck in there good.

Yanking on your kid’s tooth and it doesn’t come out is pretty much the worst.

And that’s not all! We’ve learned a lot about portrait retouching (teeth, eyes, hair, eyebrows) so I practiced some of my skillz. Specifically I used a high pass filter to make her eyes sparkle and desaturated the yellows to whiten her teeth.


But you know. Practice.

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