November 1, 2013 | water/chocolate

20131101_water submit_003

This morning I shot pictures of chocolate in the kitchen at school. There was great discussion of whether or not paraffin wax is edible (it is, in small amounts), I shot tethered for the first time (all screens should be calibrated, by law), and I learned why photographers hire food stylists (because it is tricky to get chocolate looking right, yo).

Here is my final shot.


I copied a picture I saw here by food stylist Susan Sugarman.

There are about 6 weeks left in the semester and oh so much to do. I thought I’d be blogging daily but man there’s just not the time. Lots of weekly assignments and don’t even mention the big projects due at the end of the semester. It’s hard to imagine that in six weeks I’ll have two portfolios and a major research project done. And a book, and Thanksgiving, and apparently my family likes clean clothes!

Given that daily posts are not happening, I’m also going to show you the pictures I created for an assignment called…H2O.


I never meant to create a diptych for this assignment, but it was staring me in the face the whole time. I’m just happy I noticed.

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