March 7, 2014 | Unplugged

20140307_ice storm_1599

We were unplugged on Friday, but not on purpose. Ice put the power out at 2am and we spent the day inside, afraid of the trees falling out the back door and all around. I learned how to draw a mare and a pegasus from Maggie. Mine came out alright, but were not as good as hers.

20140307_ice storm_1534

I read Wired magazine aloud as we snuggled in bed under all the covers, trying and failing to stay warm. Jumping and wrestling on the bed proved a more effective warm-up.

20140307_ice storm_1563

20140307_ice storm_1546

The camp stove warmed the tea and soup, the battery-powered radio provided songs for the dance parties, and I spent half the day trying to get Jerry to put on a long sleeve shirt and/or wool socks (“I’m fine, Mom!”).

20140307_ice storm_1530

At 4pm the sun came out, at 4:30 the power came on and by 5 the ice was gone from the trees. I think we were among the lucky few to have our power back on so quickly; from the illuminated front porch all we could see on Friday night was a sea of darkness.

If you were to ask the kids they might say life without wifi for a day was hell on earth, but I bet they’ll remember our unplugged day for a long time to come.

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