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January 8, 2013 | Framed

20140108_frame shop

I think this frame shop in High Point may be able to frame my apples¬†for not too much money. And all those frames in boxes on the floor? They’re all under $5. I found my new favorite store. Hashtag Framing Supplies FTW.

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October 5, 2013 | Mirror

20131005_selfie_3940mirror | 3 seconds @ f/16

That’s what f/16 looks like.

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This is me.

Mandy Powers Photography

My classmate took this picture as part of our final Portrait Lighting project last semester. Not a self portrait, but a rare picture of myself that I like. Naturally, I posted it as my pic in all my social media places, everywhere.

Like many photographers I like life better from behind the camera.


Today’s lab project was a self portrait using a tripod and the self-timer feature on our cameras. Although I did spend a fair amount of time behind the camera today, I spent an equal amount of time running into the frame before the timer went off in order to make it into the picture. My legs are tired.

_DSC4428I think these two self portraits I took today are kooky and hilar. I kinda like them!

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