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Mandy Powers Photography


Sometimes everything comes together. Timing + light + composition + fulfilling the requirements for the assignment = my submission for last week’s Weekly. The goal for the photo was “good bokeh“. It was July 4th and I noticed that the sun was out that evening so I rushed Maggie outside with some watermelon. I made her turn toward the light and tilt her head up so to get the catch lights in her eyes. She was only interested in one thing and it wasn’t me, so I let her enjoy her snack. My goal was to get 1) her eyes sharp and 2) nice bokeh in the background. Score!

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Painting With Light

When I took my family outside near dusk on Saturday night, I had no plan for how I was going to execute my light painting assignment. I had Jerry and Maggie play with matches for a while (Mom of the Year!). I asked my husband, Gerald, if we had fireworks. I had Maggie catch fireflies. But nothing  was really working and it was all pretty lame.

Lab 08Then I happened to pop Jerry with my flash twice while the shutter was open for a long exposure and suddenly I had my vision. What started as a weird, creepy head thing turned in to a highly choreographed 30-second exposure starring the whole family (less the cat).

Lab 08

Lab 08

Lab 08

Lab 08

Lab 08

Lab 08

Lab 08As you can see, there was a lot of trial and error with this set-up, and we worked on it over two nights. None of them are exactly right technically, but for me, as a mom and wife, they are perfect. I am going to print a few of them big because I love them so much. The kids loved it so much they want to do it erryday.

Here’s the one I handed in for the assignment.

Lab 08You can click on any one of these to see it bigger.




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Weeklies: Roads + Framed

road shapeThe assignment was called Shape of Our Roads and although my teacher thought I took a great picture, it didn’t show shape at all.

There is little time for reflection this semester, and yet I have let the road assignment above haunt me. Great picture/bad grade. But without any other choice, I moved on to the next weekly assignment.

This week’s theme was Framed, and before I know my grade or get feedback from the teacher, I present it here.

weekly trampoline framedIt’s funny that my kids are the subjects of both these pictures, because I feel like I have barely see them at all during this busy semester. But here they are! Helping me with my projects!


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