May 2, 2014 | Blah Blah Golden Hour Blah

20140502_fedora sunglasses_3813 20140502_fedora sunglasses_3785 20140502_fedora sunglasses_3798

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May 1, 2014 | How to Hold a Ladder


Today I learned how to hold a ladder. I was also in a sock knitting factory, which was amazing. I’ve found on these all-day shoots that I have the stamina to last the day, but man am I tired when I get home. With that said, goodnight.

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April 30, 2014 | From the Hip

20140430_from the hip_3764

Rarely, for me, does shooting from the hip produce anything even remotely interesting. More practice is necessary, I guess. I do like this one of Jerry’s leg though! After this I put the camera away andΒ we played tennis in the yard, which is as hard as you imagine. I promised to take him to the town court this weekend.

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April 28, 2014 | Studio Shenanigans

20140428_around the studio

Today I worked on testing a rig that we’ll use to suspend the camera on location (with about five backup plans just in case) and fixing the ratchet assembly on a light. This job is so fun and it’s almost over. :(

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April 27, 2014 | Chick

20140427_baby chick_3598

This is one of two new chicks we got this year. Her name is Luna or Robin, I don’t know which is which. Fingers crossed that she is actually a she!

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