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March 9, 2014 | Mmmmm Cookies

20140309_cookies PB_002

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January 28, 2014 | in the kitchen

20140128_pod snow day_1

I hear people are into French Toast during these winter storm watches. But me? I’m a cookie girl. You can keep your bread, I’ll take milk, eggs, flour and sugar, thank you very much.

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As I put together my final portfolio for Large Format, it was very important to me that the pictures looked unified even if the subject matter was disparate. I achieved this by mounting each ink jet print on a 12″ tall board with a 1/4″ border around three sides. The width of each board was dependent on each individual picture (although they appear to be the same width below, in real life they were the same height). I liked the results so much that I recreated my presentation in Photoshop, even down to the color of each board that I used. I also added a custom watermark that I learned how to make in class just this morning!

large format scan mount-1

large format scan mount-2

large format scan mount-3

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