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Object Lighting

20101001_to print lemons_002 for BLOG

Here are some of my faves from last semester’s object lighting class. I especially like the lemons.

PowersM_TDAY_13_full size for BLOG

20131127_apple cran pie_9704 for BLOG

Mandy Glass-037-Edit for BLOG

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October 15, 2013 | Bio Cube

Capture Cube Histogram

In Biocommunications we have cubes. They are painted gray, white and black on various sides. We take pictures of them then we use photoshop to analyze the pictures. In the screenshot above, the top of the cube is painted gray, and the right and left are both painted white. I lit the cube in order to have the right side appear white and the left side appear near black. In analyzing the left side of the cube my histogram tells me that I (my camera) did an okay job at making the left side black. It looks way better when you squint at it.

We are Bios and this is what we do.

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October 2, 2013 | Practice

20131002_jer trumpet_8207

Jerry started reading music this week. From today’s practice session I could tell he wasn’t exactly getting it, but he sure was having a ball thinking he was reading music. Usually he practices in his room (with the door closed) but he had a mini-concert to play the song for us.

While he practiced his trumpet I pulled out my flash to practice, too. You can see I wasn’t exactly getting it, but I sure had a ball playing around without an assignment to think about (for the moment). I usually use natural light for pictures around the house but I had a mini photo session with off-camera flash to use for today’s photo of the day.

port comp jerry for blog-2

This is in the same room a few weeks ago with a more elaborate light setup. Jerry doesn’t love being my model but he smiles when I ask him to smile and broods when I ask for that. He is amazing at it, really.

Earlier that day I was in a parking garage and created this HDR image using 7 or 8 different exposures.

port comp jerry for blog-1

Later I merged both images to create a composite portrait. I’m loving the result, mostly because it reminds me that this photo shoot resulted in the mouthpiece getting stuck on the trumpet which I’ll have you know is a $10 repair!


Brooding Jerry in a Parking Garage Holding a Trumpet

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September 26, 2013 | Photo of the Day

20130926_jim hines_3464-1

Lighting master Jim Hines demonstrates an array of lighting tricks for second-year photography students at Randolph Community College in Asheboro, NC on September 26, 2013.

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