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Object Lighting

20101001_to print lemons_002 for BLOG

Here are some of my faves from last semester’s object lighting class. I especially like the lemons.

PowersM_TDAY_13_full size for BLOG

20131127_apple cran pie_9704 for BLOG

Mandy Glass-037-Edit for BLOG

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Up next in Product Lighting 101 is Fabric!

mandy is fabric_3339Pretty much I am in photography school because of my fabric-related business. I’ve taken a lot of fabric pictures for my knitting design business, but taking a picture of just fabric – not a garment – was a fun challenge!

I tried many different things with this cotton that came from the “utility fabrics” section at Joann Fabrics.

mandy fab_3084By far the clothesline idea was my least favorite setup. I always go into the studio with a Grand Plan and it always falls to pieces. I’m learning to go with the flow. Things improved the next day when I was able to use a fancy macro lens.

mandy is fabric_3323I got close. I use some side-light action to show the texture. I used the lines to design the frame. Overall, this was a really fun project, given the fabric-phile that I am!





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Here’s the thing. I hardly ever eat corn that’s any good. Growing up I would eat the corn that my Dad had picked that day from the field behind our house and there is no better corn than that. Now I rarely have fresh corn but savor those times when I find a farmer by the side of the road or at the farmer’s market selling a load of picked-this-morning ears.

All that is to say I have a very emotional connection with corn. LOL if you will, but it’s true. It was a no-brainer to choose this vegetable (grain?) for my first product lighting assignment. The project was to photograph something in available light, AKA sunlight/daylight/shade/overcast/downpour. I photographed corn in all of those situations, and it definitely taught me that being at the mercy of Mother Nature when lighting a product has it’s challenges.

There were a million outtakes from this project that were awful, and even the one above was awful before I adjusted the color temperature. But I am learning, and that is what matters.

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