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February 3, 2014 | Those Pencils

20140203_macro pens_1

Tip of the Day: When the end of the day looms and you need a picture for your blog, look first to your backpack.

These are the same pencils from January 13. I photographed them at the kitchen table in the waning daylight near the window; the fluorescent tube from the kitchen providing an interesting yellow highlight.

The orange pencil could not be found. The first casualty of the semester. :(

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January 22, 2014 | that hallway

20140122_rcc hallway_2

The sun was sitting just above the tree line as I left school this evening. I’ve been in and out of this doorway and down this long hallway hundreds of times, lugging gear, squeaking my shoes, getting a breath of fresh air away from the computer lab…it has never been so pretty as it was tonight.¬†

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